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Restaurants around

Here are some good tables nearby "La Gueule Aux Loups"

  • L'auberge de la source in Saint Ouen sur Morin : 2min

01 60 24 80 61

  • L'auberge du petit morin in La Ferté sous Jouarre : 10min

01 60 22 02 39

  • Le Plat d'étain in Jouarre : 12min

01 60 22 06 07 

  • Le Bac in Charly sur Marne :15min

03 23 82 03 41

  • Le Beau Rivage in Saint Jean les Deux Jumeaux : 19min

01 64 35 75 75

You will find below a non exhaustive list of outing, visits, and activities we recommend in the proximity of the guest house "La Gueule Aux Loups ".



  • Visit of Coulommier, its famous Templars commandery

  • Country market of Marigny en Orxois (19km)

  • Museum of the Great War in Meaux (26km)

  • Visit of the Medieval city of Provins

  • Visit of  the castle of Vaux Le Vicomte (70km)

  • Visit of Paris (60km)

  • Touristic road of Champagne, leaving from Charly sur Marne goes to Epernay and Reims (15km)

  • Visit of Reims, Capital of Champagne, Crowning city of the Kings of France, (90km)

  • Visit of Epernay (71km) the Champagne cellars, the vineyards


For the Kids

  • Outing in "DisneyLand Paris" (40km)

  • Outing in "La Mer de Sable" (54km)

  • Outing in "Parc Asterix" (66km)

  • Outing in "Parc des Félins" (35km)


Sporting activities 

  • Car Racing at the circuit of La Ferté Gaucher (24km)

  • Canoeing on the Morin (17km)

  • hike or bike in the forest following the marked trails (GR)

  • Visit gardens of "Le Point du Jour" in Verdelot (17km)



  • Duty Free Luxury outlets shopping experience in the worl renowed “ La Vallée Village”or inside of Val d'Europe next to Euro Disney(40km)

Activities around lgal